Pan Those Eyeshadows

Hi guys! I know it’s been a little bit since I made a post, but I’m back into the inspiration game now. I’ve been watching a lot of panning videos and have recently found a theme I wanted to try out, which is referred to as Pan Those Eyeshadows!

I have a lot of palettes, and just recently added the Morphe 35M Boss Mood to the collection. I have a habit of hoarding my favourite items and never wanting to use them except for special occasions, and then by the time I do want to use them they are on the verge of expiration.

So, what is Pan Those Eyeshadows? I’ve been watching TooMuchTash’s videos on YouTube (she didn’t start it, but it’s whose I’ve been following), and really it’s to get more use out of your collection and for people to step out of the box a bit and play around with shades they might not normally wear.

Currently, I have a total of 300 usable eyeshadows (I have one palette I keep for sentimental value and never use), and there is just no way I will end up using all these shades, and I just need to get over my “fear” of using up favourite products. I can always buy more or find better alternatives. By doing this, I think I can try to move past these facts and utilize the shadows I own.

I’ve written down all the eyeshadows from every palette and the single eyeshadows I have as well. I will be choosing five shades to start with for the month of April that will be my focused-on shades, and then once I hit pan in the shadows, the next month I will choose a new one to replace it. For now, I will not be including the Morphe Boss Mood palette – I literally just got it a week ago and still want to play around with it a bit before focusing on using the shadows.

I will be random number generating then from 1 to 266 and predominately focusing on using those 5 shades. And they are:

  • an orange shade from the BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil palette
  • Rowdy from ABH Subculture palette
  • Light browbone shade from the original Comfort Zone palette
  • Succubus from the KVD Shade and Light Eye palette
  • French Kiss from the Colourpop Yes Please palette
From L to R: BH Cosmetics orange shimmer shade, ABH Subculture Rowdy, Wet N Wild’s original Comfort Zone Browbone shade, Succubus from KVD Shade & Light Eye, and French Kiss from Colourpop Yes Please

I’m already picturing a lot of smokey eyes or one-and-done type looks. There are three palettes I rarely reach for here (BH Cosmetics, KVD Shade & Light Eye, and Comfort Zone). I typically only reach for the BH Cosmetics one when I doing a colourful look and need a matte transition shade. The KVD palette I picked up at Marshall’s for about $20, and I had wanted it so bad, but I’ve barely used it; I just don’t know what it is I don’t like about it. And finally, Comfort Zone is just an old palette in my collection that I rarely reach for.

I do frequently use Subculture, but have barely touched the shade Rowdy. I also enjoy using the Colourpop palette and enjoy using French Kiss to deepen the crease and outer corner.

I don’t want to only use these shades because I know I will get bored with this challenge if I do, so I’m hoping to use these 3-4 days of the week, as I wear makeup almost every day, and I think I could see a significant dent in some of these shades by next month.

I’m excited to start this challenge and see how quickly or how slowly it will take to pan these eyeshadows!

If you know more people doing this challenge, let me know so I can follow them!

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